HP Board Class 10 Science Syllabus 2021-22 | Download the Latest HPBoSE Class 10 Science Syllabus PDF

Science plays an important role in developing creativity and other learning skills in students. The HPBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus is defined in such a way that it covers the topics of Physics, Chemistry and Biology as well. The syllabus is designed around 7 broad themes i.e. Food, Materials, the World of the Living, How things Work, Moving Things, People and Ideas, Natural Phenomenon and Natural Resources. This will generate the spirit of enquiry, creativity, objectivity and aesthetic sensibility among the students. Also, the list of practicals is included in the HP Board 10th Science Syllabus to enhance the practical application skills in the students.

HPBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2021-22

Click on the link given below to download the latest PDF for the HPBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2021-22:

Download HPBoSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2021-22 PDF


HPBOSE Class 10 Science (Theory) Reduced Syllabus 2020-21 PDF

Download HPBOSE Class 10 Science Reduced Syllabus 2020-21 PDF

Unit/ Topic Topics/ Chapters Deleted
Unit-I Chemical substances- Nature and Behaviour Chapter-lII (Metals and Non-Metals), Physical properties (3.1) Page No. 37.40

Occurrence of metals (3.4) Page No. 49-52, Chapter-IV: (Carbon and its compounds)

Chemical Properties of carbon compounds (4.3) & (4.4) Page No. 69-74, Some important carbon compounds (Ethanol and Ethanoic Acid) Soaps and Detergents (4.5) Page No. 74-76

Unit-II World of Living  Chapter-VI: (life processes), Respiration (63)Page No. 101-104

Chapter-VII: (Control and Co-ordination), Co-ordination in Plants (7.2) PN 119-122

Hormones in Animals (7.3) Page No. 123-125

Chapter-IX: (Hereditary and Evolution), Evolution (9.3) speciation (9.4) P No. 147-150 Evolution and Classification (9 .5), Evolution should not be equated with progress (9,6)(1 56-158)

Unit-III How Things Work Chapter-10: (Light- Reflection and Refraction), Spherical mirror (10.2) Page No. 161-170 Refraction of light (10.3) Page No. 171-184 

Chapter-12 : (Electricity), Ohm’s Law (12.4), (12.5) Page No. 203-209, Resistance of a system of Resisters (12.6) Page No. 209-215, Heating Effect of electric current (12.7) Page No. 216- 218, Electric Power (12.8) Page No. 219-220 

Chapter-13: (Magnetic effect of electric current) 

Magnetic field due to current carrying conductors (13.2 (13.3) Page No. 225-229, 230-231 

Unit IV- Natural Resources Chapter-14: (Sources of Energy), Non-conventional sources of Energy (14.3) P No.248-254 

Chapter-15: (Our Environment) How do our activities Affect the env1ronment(15.3) 261-263 

Chapter-16: (Management of Natural sources) Forest and wildlife (16.2) water for all (16.3 coal and Petroleum (16.4)

HPBOSE Class 10 Science (Practical) Reduced Syllabus 2020-21

1. To determine the Focal Length of

i) Concave Mirror ii) Convex Lens (By obtaining the linage of distant object.) ‘ 

2. To study the dependence of (I) on the potential difference.

(v) Across a resistor and determine its resistance also plot a graph between V and I. 

3. To determine the equivalent resistance of two resistors connected in series and parallel.

4. To show experimentally that Carbon dioxide is given out during respiration.

5. To prepare SO2 gas observe its following properties and draw inference in respect of

i) Odour ii) Solubility in water (Iii) Effect on litmus paper (iv) Action of acidified potassium Dichromatic solution.

Marks Distribution of HP Board Class 10 Science Syllabus

The HP Board Class 10 Science paper consists of 60 marks. The practicals are of 25 marks and internal assessment is of 15 marks. Thus the science exam is of total 100 marks. The marks distribution of each unit is mentioned in the table below;

Units Marks
Chemical substances

(Nature and Behavior)

The World of the Living 18
How Things Work 16
Natural Resources 08
Total 60

HPBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus

Students can download the complete Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education Syllabus Pdf for class 10 from the link provided below. Also, they can find the practical syllabus in the PDF.

Download HPBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus PDF

Unit-wise Weightage of HPBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus

Unit 1- Chemistry Substances Nature and Behavior

As students can see from the table below that this unit comprises 18 marks.

Question Marks
1 Question (Long Answer) 5 marks
3 Questions (Very Short Answer) 6 marks
4 Questions (Objective) 4 marks
1 Question (Short Answer) 3 marks
Total = 9 Questions 18 Marks

Total 5 Chapters are covered under this unit as below;

  • Chapter 1: Chemical Reaction and Equations
  • Chapter 2: Acids, Bases and Salts
  • Chapter 3: Metals and Non-metals
  • Chapter 4: Carbon and its Compounds
  • Chapter 5: Periodic Classification of Elements

Unit 2 – The World of the living

This unit covers the Biology part. The number of questions of each type that are expected from this unit is mentioned below in the table.

Question Marks
4 Questions (Objective) 4 marks
3 Questions (Very Short Answer) 6 marks
1 Questions (Long Answer) 5 marks
1 Question (Short Answer) 3 marks
Total = 9 Questions 18 Marks

Five chapters are covered under this unit.

  • Chapter 6: Life Processes
  • Chapter 7: Control and Coordination
  • Chapter 8: How to Organisms Reproduce
  • Chapter 9: Heredity and Evolution
  • Chapter 10: Our Environment

Unit 3 – Effect of Current

This unit cover the topics of Physics. Students can expect total 8 questions from it.

Question Marks
4 Questions (Objective) 4 marks
2 Questions (Very Short Answer) 4 marks
1 Questions (Long Answer) 5 marks
1 Question (Short Answer) 3 marks
Total = 8 Questions 16 Marks

This unit has only 5 chapters as mentioned below;

  • Chapter 11: Electricity
  • Chapter 12: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
  • Chapter 13: Light – Reflection and refraction
  • Chapter 14: The Human Eye and the Colorful World

Unit 4 – Conservation of Natural Resources

Students can expect 5 questions from this unit in the Himachal class 10 board exam.

Question Marks
3 Questions (Objective) 3 marks
1 Questions (Short Answer) 3 marks
1 Question (Very Long Answer) 2 marks
Total = 5 Questions 08 Marks

This unit consists of only 2 chapters.

  • Chapter 15: Sources of Energy
  • Chapter 16: Management of Natural Resources

We hope that students must have found this information on “HPBOSE Class 10 Science Syllabus” useful for their studies. Stay tuned for further updates on HP Board. Download BYJU’S App and subscribe to YouTube Channel to access interactive Maths and Science Videos.


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