How does the National Human Rights Commission protect human rights?

The National Human Rights Commission, India has been set up by an Act of Parliament under the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 for the protection and promotion of human rights. National Human Rights Commission ensures the protection of human rights by performing the following functions:

  • Investigating any complaints related to violations of Human Rights in India either suo-moto or after receiving a petition.
  • Interfering in any judicial process that involves any allegation of violation of Human Rights.
  • It can visit any prison/institute under the control of the state governments to observe the living conditions of inmates. It can further make recommendations based on its observations to the authorities.
  • Reviewing the provisions of the Constitution that safeguard Human Rights and can suggest necessary restorative measures.
  • Promotion of research in the field of Human Rights.
  • Human Rights awareness and literacy through different media are promoted by NHRC in various sectors of society.
  • It has the power to recommend suitable steps that can prevent violation of Human Rights in India to both Central as well as State Governments.

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