What are the disadvantages of Administrative Tribunals?

Even though administrative adjudication is essential and useful in modem day administration, there are some main drawbacks that are mentioned below. 

  • Administrative adjudication is a negation of the Rule of Law. Rule of Law ensures equality before the law for everybody and the supremacy of ordinary law and due procedure of law over governmental arbitrariness. But administrative tribunals, with their separate laws and procedures often made by themselves, put a serious limitation upon the celebrated principles of Rule of Law. 
  • Administrative tribunals have, in most cases, no set procedures, and sometimes they violate even the principles of natural justice. 
  • These tribunals often hold summary trials, and they do not follow any precedents. As such, it is not possible to predict the course of future decisions. 
  • The civil and criminal courts have a uniform pattern of administering justice, and centuries of experience in the administration of civil and criminal laws have borne testimony to the advantages of the uniform procedure. A uniform code of procedure in administrative adjudication is not there.
  • The administrative tribunals are manned by administrators and technical heads who may not have the background of law or training in judicial work. Some of them may not possess the independent outlook of a judge. 

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