What are the main features of directive principles?

The main features of Directive Principles of State Policy are:

  • These are guidelines for the central and state governments of India. The governments must keep these principles in mind while framing laws and policies.
  • These provisions of the Constitution of India are non- justiceable, which means that these are not enforceable by any court of law. But the principles are considered fundamental in the governance of the country.
  • It is the duty of the central and state governments to apply these principles in making laws to establish a just society in the country.
  • The principles have been inspired by the Directive Principles stated in the Constitution of Ireland and also by the principles of Gandhian philosophy.
  • The main aim of these principles is to create social and economic conditions under which all the citizens can lead a good life.
  • These principles act as a yardstick in the hands of the people to measure the performance of governments in respect of achieving the objective.
  • All executive agencies have to be guided by these principles. Even the judiciary has to keep them in mind while deciding cases.

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