Manipur Board Class 1 Syllabus of All Subjects

Parents and teachers can download and use these Manipur Board Class 1 Syllabus for Exam preparations. Below we have mentioned the list of subjects covered in the syllabus. We are providing the entire Manipur Board Class 1 Syllabus of all the subjects taken during the complete academic year.

The syllabus will give an idea about the basic concepts of all the subjects. It will also help to understand these concepts well.

Download Manipur Board Class 1 Syllabus PDF

The Manipur Board syllabus consists of information about the subject wise grading system and marks weightage. Some of the subjects covered in Class 1 include Maths, Languages and Art of Healthy and Productive Living.

List of Subjects Areas Covered in Manipur Board Class 1

1)First Language- Manipuri/Hindi/Any Modern Indian Language/One recognised tribal language

2)Second Language-English


4)Art of Healthy and Productive Living

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