Manipur Board Class 8 Textbooks- List of Names

Schools under the Manipur Board are advised to follow the syllabus and the textbooks prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur. These books are devised in such a way so as to make the various concepts and topics of the subject more easily comprehensible. It also includes illustrations and examples to attract the attention of more students to the subjects. Students preparing for the exams will find these Manipur Board Class 8 Textbooks very useful.

We have compiled here the list of names of Manipur Board Class 8 Textbooks along with their publishers.

Manipur Board Class 8 Textbooks List

Manipur Board Class 8 Textbooks -All Subjects

1 Manipuri Londam Lairik Board of Sec. Education, Manipur
2 Manipuri Lonbang Lairik – do –
3 Manipuri Grammar Amasung Composition – do –
4 Let’s Learn English (Course Book) – do –
5 Let’s Learn English (Work Book) – do –
6 Let’s Learn English Supplementary Reader

(Trekking the Path-III)

– do –
7 Let’s Learn English Grammar & Composition – do –
8 Sugam Shiksha Bhag-Se – do –
9 Sugam Siksha Abhyas Pustika Abang Drita

Wachika Bhag – Se

– do –
10 Hindi Grammar & Composition for Class-VIII – do –
11 Essence of Mathematics (English or Manipuri) – do –
12 Science & Technology (English or Manipuri) – do –
13 Social Sciences (English or Manipuri) – do –
14 Physical and Health Education – do –
15 Elementary Manipuri – do –
16 Environmental Education Geeta Publishing House, New Delhi
17 Lamjing Lairik (Meetei Mayek Primer) Meelal

The list of names given in the table above are the books for Manipur Board Class 8 as prescribed by the board for the current academic session 2020-2021. If any updates are done, the latest list of books would be released then.

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