Manipur Board Class 10 Textbooks- Complete List

Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BSEM) has prescribed these textbooks for Class 10 of Manipur board for all the subjects. Here, we have compiled a list of Manipur Board Class 10 Textbooks. These textbooks will help the students to understand the subjects more thoroughly and also to master the concepts and topics covered. Schools affiliated to the board will have to follow the given textbooks for the current academic session 2020-2021.

Find the names of textbooks from the list given in a table below:

List of Manipur Board Class 10 Textbooks-All Subjects

Manipur Board Class 10 Textbooks

Sl. No. Name of the Books Publisher
1 Manipuri Sahitya Nachom for class X Board of Sec. Education, Manipur
2 Manipuri Tengbang Sahitya for class X – do –
3 Anouba Manipuri Grammar for class IX & X – do –
Elementary Manipuri
4 Araiba Manipuri Sahitya for classes IX & X – do –
5 Let’s Learn English Course Book Frank Brothers & Co. Ltd., New Delhi
6 Let’s Learn English Literature Reader Frank Brothers & Co. Ltd., New Delhi
7 Let’s Learn English Grammar & Composition of Contemporary English for Classes lX & X Board of Sec. Edn., Manipur
8 Let’s Learn English: Additional English for class – X – do –
9 Hindi Nava Manjuri Bhag – Do – do –
10 Hindi Watika Bhag – Do – do –
11 Subodh Hindi Byakaran Abang Rachana S. Chand & Co. New Delhi.
12 Mathematics for class – X (English or Manipuri) Board of Sec. Edn., Manipur
13 Mathematics Laboratory for class – X Geeta Publishing House, New Delhi
Social Science
14 Social Sciences for class X (English or Manipuri) Board of Sec. Edn., Manipur
15 Science for class X (English or Manipuri) – do –
16 Science Practical for class – X S. I. & Co., Imphal
17 Commerce for class X (English or Manipuri) Board of Sec. Edn., Manipur
Other Subjects
18 Home Science for class – X (English or Manipuri) – do –
19 Higher Mathematics for class – X (English) – do –
20 Computer Science for class – IX Oxford University Press, New Delhi
21 Programming & Problem Solving through C Language for class – X Firewall Media, New Delhi
22 Madhyamic Bangla Sahitya Chayanika Assam Textbook Production & Publication Ltd., Guwahati
23 Acharya Jagadishchandra (Rapid Reader) Star Publication, Kolkota-54.
24 Bangla Byakaran By Devidas Bhattacharya
25 Madhamik Asomiya Sahitya Chayanika Assam Textbook Production & Publication Ltd., Guwahati-1
26 Rapid Reader As prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education, Assam
27 Assamiya Byakaran Jyoti (Grammar) – do –
28 Mizo Thu Leh Hla Thathing Bazar Press. Aizwal
29 Mizo Nun Hlui Part-II (Rapid Reader) Synod Communication, Aizwal
30 Mizo Grammar & Composition Haublira Press, Saron Veng, Aizwal
31 Tangkhul Tuitam Kathara Tangkhul Literature Society, Ukhrul
32 Tangkhul Rapid Reader – do –
33 Tangkhul Grammar – do –
34 Paite Pau Sinha Paite Literature Society, CCp
35 Siamsil Thaikawi (Rapid Reader) – do –
36 Pau Leh Lei Galhdam (Paite Grammar) – do –
37 Nunrobu -10 Hmar Literature Society, CCP
38 Singlung Readers – do –
39 Hmar Grammar – do –
40 Katha Bimba Education Deptt. Govt. of Sikkim
41 Nepali Sahitya Saurabh – do –
42 Saral Nepali Vyakaran Ra Rachna Lali Gurung Prakashan, Rinok East Sikkim
43 Zou Laix (Course Book) Zou Literature Society
44 Chinthu Zaila (Zou Literature Reader) – do –
45 Zouham Zahdan (Grammar) – do –
46 Jillai Lamhil (Thadou Kuki Course Book) Thadou Kuki Literature Society
47 Thimthu Le Jaila (Thadou Kuki Literature) – do –
48 Thadou Kuki Paojui (Grammar) – do –
49 Vaiphei Pau Pakvul Telkhawn Bu-2 Vaiphei Literature Society
50 Vaiphei Pau Suikhawm Hi Tiu Bu-2 – do –
51 Vaiphei Pau Matdan & Thuphuak – do –
52 Kom Lekha Inchuna Rabu for Class X Kom Literature Committee
53 Mocholeshe-Kophroleshe Obvi-II (Course Book) Mao Academy, Senapati
54 Lepfiishih-Pakhru: Obvii-II (Rapid Reader) – do
55 Ruanglat Ncham Kho (Course Book) Ruangmei Literature Society, Imphal
56 Health Education for Class – X S.P. Book Store, Senapati

Along with concept clarity, the textbook also contains exercises for the students to practice and prepare for the board exams. The information provided here about the list of books can be quite useful for the students.

Students can keep learning and stay tuned for further updates about Manipur board and its extra study resources like the curriculum, question papers and more.