Manipur Board Class 4 Syllabus

The syllabus is important as it gives the students an idea about the subjects taught in class. It will also provide in-depth information about the subjects. Since it would be helpful for the students, we provide the clickable PDF format of the Manipur Board Class 4 Syllabus of all subjects.

Students can access from the link below the Manipur Board Class 4 Syllabus. Some of the subjects covered in Class 4 include Mathematics, EVS, Languages, Art of Healthy and Productive Living and more.

Download Manipur Board Class 4 Syllabus PDF

For the first language subjects, the textbooks are prescribed by the Assam Government and for tribal languages, textbooks used are prescribed by the Tribal Literature Societies. Schools that have the required infrastructure may also have “Computer Science” at any class.

List of Subjects Areas Covered in Manipur Board Class 4

1)First Language- Manipuri/Hindi/Any Modern Indian Language/One recognised tribal language

2)Second Language-English

3)Third Language


5)Environment Studies

6)Art of Healthy and Productive Living

After mastering the syllabus, students can plan their studies and prepare for the exams with the help of exam materials provided.

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