BSEM - Board of Secondary Education Manipur

BSEM or the Board of Secondary Education in Manipur is responsible for conducting the Class 10 Board Exams in the state of Manipur. Class 10 is one of the most crucial years in the life of a student. It has the power to decide the future of a student. Hence a lot of attention is given to the academics in class 10. For this, students undergo a lot of preparation. Students can go through the Manipur HSLC Board Syllabus to start preparing for their Manipur HSLC Class 10 Board Exams.

Latest Notifications

  • The Manipur Board has notified that the last date for submission of registration forms for the HSLC Exams 2022 will be up to 06.02.2022.
  • The Manipur Board has released the Guidelines for Assessment-Evaluation modality for Assessment HSLC Exam 2021.

About the BSEM

Board of Secondary Education Manipur popularly known as BSEM is a board of school education in the state of Manipur, India. The board was established by an Act of Manipur Legislative Assembly in 1972. BSEM controls, regulates, organises, and looks after the matters associated with school education Manipur.

Functions of the BSEM:

The BSEM performs the following functions:

  1. Devising the courses of study
  2. Prescribing syllabus
  3. Conducting examinations
  4. Granting recognition to schools
  5. Providing support, leadership and direction for all secondary educational institutions under its jurisdiction.

Overview of the BSEM

Board of Secondary Education Manipur Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BSEM)
Abbreviation BSEM
Formation 1972
Headquarters Manipur, India
Type Government Board of School Education
Location Manipur, India

BSEM Exam Resources

BSEM is the authoritative body which is responsible for the development of secondary and higher secondary education in Manipur. The Manipur board conducts the most widely taken exams in the state which i.e., the class 10 exam. Following is a list of resources, which will be very useful for the students to prepare for their Board Exams.

Manipur HSLC Board Syllabus
BSEM Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers 
Manipur Board Class 10 Textbooks

Manipur Board Syllabus

BSEM designs the curriculum and syllabus for all classes and schools affiliated to the Manipur board are required to follow it. Students must follow the BSEM strictly while preparing for their examination.

Download the Manipur HSLC Board Latest Class 10 Syllabus from here

Download the Manipur HSLC Board Class 10 Syllabus for the previous year from here

BSEM Textbooks

The Manipur Board of Secondary Education is responsible for designing all the textbooks and are prescribed to all the affiliated schools. The books are designed in a way to help the students get a deeper understanding of the concepts. Students can download all the Manipur board textbooks for all the classes and subjects by clicking here.

Download the Manipur HSLC Board Class 10 Textbooks from here

Manipur Board Class 10 Previous Year Paper

Studying for Class 10 can be challenging, and requires a lot of effort and practice. Maths and Science are the two main subjects of the class and to ace these, students will have to master the subjects. For this purpose, after learning the subject completely with the help of textbooks, students can now solve the Manipur Board Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers of Maths and Science and excel in the exams.

Manipur Board Class 10 Maths Previous Year Question Paper- 2019
Manipur Board Class 10 Science Previous Year Question Paper- 2019

BSEM Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of 10 standard examinations are decided by the Manipur board and remains almost the same every year.


Manipur HSLC Board 10th Exam Statistics

  • Total Number of Students: The average number of students appearing for the Manipur HSLC Board 10th Exams has roughly been around 35 thousand. The numbers showed an increasing trend from the year 2016 when 31,749 students appeared for their Manipur Board Class 10 Exams. In 2019, there was a slight dip in the numbers, and 37,138 students appeared for their Manipur 10th Board HSLC Exams. The numbers increased in 2020 and 2021, with 38,390 and 47,208 appearing for the years respectively. Here is a comparison of the number of students appearing for the HSLC Exams over the last few years.
Year Number of Students Appeared
2021 47,208
2020 38,390
2019 37,138
2018 37,351
2017 34,829
2016 31,749


  • Overall Passing Percent: The performance of students in Manipur HSLC Board has been in between 65-75%. In 2019 the overall pass percentage was 74.69%. The percentage decreased in 2020 with 65.34% of the students passing. However, in 2021, all the students appearing for the Manipur 10th Board exams had successfully qualified. Below is a comparison of the passing percentage of the students year-wise.
Year Overall Pass Percentage
2021 100
2020 65.34
2019 74.69
2018 73.18
2017 66.7
2016 65.37

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