Manipur Board Class 8 Syllabus - Curriculum of All Subjects

The first step of any student preparing for the final exams is to check the complete syllabus of the particular class. Hence, for the convenience of Manipur Board Class 8, we are providing the complete Manipur Board Class 8 Syllabus of all subjects. Knowing the syllabus properly will make it easier for the students to prepare for the final exams.

Class 8 syllabus deals with a lot of subjects and for the students to get an idea about the class, the syllabus has to be well-described. The curriculum given with the article will familiarise students with the subject wise allotment of working days, periods per week, the marks and grading system and so on.

Download Manipur Board Class 8 Syllabus-All Subjects PDF

Meanwhile, also find the subjects that are covered in class, for the academic year. List of subjects for Manipur Board Class 8 is given below:

1)First Language

2)Second Language

3)Third Language


5)Science and Technology

6)Social Sciences

7)Work Education

8)Art Education (Fine Arts: Visual and Performing Arts)

9)Health and Physical Education (Including Games and Sports, Yoga, NCC and Scouting and Guiding)

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