Manipur Board Textbooks

Here, we have compiled a list of class-wise Manipur Board Textbooks for all the subjects. Students can find the relevant information for the class-wise textbooks by clicking on the links provided in the table below. We also mention the list of publishers of these books in this article. Prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur these textbooks explain even the most complex concept or topic in an easy to understand manner. It helps the students to understand the matter in-depth.

Class-wise Manipur Board Textbooks Access

Manipur Board Class 8 Textbooks

Manipur Board Class 9 Textbooks

Manipur Board Class 10 Textbooks

Manipur Board Class 11 Textbooks

Manipur Board Class 12 Textbooks

At the same time, find the complete list of textbooks for all the subjects of Manipur Board class 1 to 10 for the academic year 2019-2020 from the downloadable pdf given below.

Download List of Manipur Board Textbook Names (Classes 1- 10)

Why Read BSEM (Board of Secondary Education, Manipur) Textbooks?

Textbooks are a very useful learning material for the students of Manipur Board. It helps the students to understand a subject well and prepare for the exams, accordingly. Students can use the book as a guide and can also supplement it with additional reading material to prepare for the exams.

  • It provides an idea about the material to be covered in class and also an overview of the lesson plan
  • The textbook gives an in-depth chronological representation of the concepts and topics of the subject
  • The book contains exercises and illustrations to explain the concepts of a subject
  • Students can benefit by solving the exercises given in the textbook
  • Assignments and homework are also created based on the concepts and topics taken from the textbook

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