Manipur Board Class 6 Syllabus

Manipur Board Class 6 Syllabus gives an overview of the list of subjects covered during the academic year. It will also give an idea about the allotment of subject wise marks and the entire scheme of studies. After analysing the subject wise allotment of marks from the Class 6 syllabus, students can also prepare for the exams more effectively.

Download Manipur Board Class 6 Syllabus-All Subjects PDF

Some of the subjects covered in the syllabus for Class 6 include Maths, Science, Social Science, Languages, Work Education, Art Education, Health and Physical Education and more.

Students can find on the list subjects that are covered in Manipur Board Class 6, for the academic year from below:

1) First Language- Manipuri, Hindi, any other Modern Indian Language, one recognised tribal language

2) Second Language- English

3) Third Language – Manipuri (For those whom the language is not the first language), Hindi (For those whom the language is not the first language), Elementary Hindi, Elementary Manipuri (For those who do not have Hindi or Manipuri as the first language), Tribal languages (for those whom tribal language is not offered as the first language)

4) Mathematics

5) Science and Technology

6) Social Sciences

7) Work Education

8) Art Education (Fine Arts: Visual and Performing Arts)

9) Health and Physical Education (Including Games and Sports, Yoga, NCC and Scouting and Guiding)

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