Mizoram Board Blueprints

Find in this articles the links to access the Mizoram Board Blueprints of subjects Maths and Science for Classes 9 and 10. This question paper design with the marks weightage or distribution of marks over the various dimensions of the question paper will help the students to prepare better for the final exams. Other than the marks allotment, students will also get well familiarized with the difficulty levels they can expect for the final exam question paper.

Here, we have provided the links to browse the Mizoram Board Blueprints of Maths and Science subjects for Classes 9 and 10.

Browse Mizoram Board Blueprints (Classes 9 & 10)

Mizoram Board Class 9 Blueprints

Mizoram Board Class 10 Blueprints

Advantages of Mizoram Board Blueprints

Finding out the marks weightage, exam pattern and the difficulty level of the questions will help the students to prepare better for the exams. Here, we have listed some points on how Mizoram Board Blueprints are useful:

  • Students can get an idea about the unit-wise marks weightage or marks distribution of a subject
  • Assessing the blueprints help the students to prepare for the exam more effectively
  • Knowing the exam pattern from the blueprints helps the students to write the exams well
  • After assessing the difficulty level of questions, students learn to manage their time more competently

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