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All the information regarding the MBSE textbooks for classes 6 to 12 are provided here. For the classes 9-12, we have provided a list of textbooks and publishers that have been prescribed by the board. Meanwhile, for classes 6-8 we have compiled the PDF downloadable links for subjects like Maths and Science. For classes 7 and 8, we have the chapterwise PDFs of subjects like Maths and Science. Whereas for Class 6, we have uploaded the entire textbook of Class 6 Mathematics. Click on the links below to browse.

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Why Study From Mizoram Board Textbooks?

One of the most common and useful resources for a student of any class is the Mizoram Board Textbooks. It can act as a guide to the students and is widely useful, especially when supplemented with extra reading materials. Find the other advantages and benefits of studying with the help of MBSE Textbooks:

  • The textbooks give an insight into the entire material to be covered in the academic year
  • The textbooks also offer an overview of the lesson plans to cover all the topics
  • They also provide a total chronological representation of the information
  • The books help the students to understand the subject really well
  • They are an excellent resource for the teachers as well as the students

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