Mizoram Board Class 6 Textbook

Students can access the PDF format of the Mizoram Board Class 6 Textbook from the link given in the article. Here, we have provided the downloadable PDF link to access the Mizoram Board Class 6 Textbook of Mathematics. The Maths textbook will help the students to prepare more effectively for the exams.

Download Mizoram Board Class 6 Textbook Free PDF

Meanwhile, the textbook covers various concepts such as Knowing our numbers, Integers, Decimals, Data Handling, Algebra and so on. Find the list of chapter names from below:

List of Chapters of Mizoram Board Class 6 Maths Textbook

1)Knowing Our Numbers

2)Whole Numbers

3)Playing with Numbers

4)Basic Geometrical Ideas

5)Understanding Elementary Shapes




9)Data Handling

10) Mensuration


12)Ratio and Proportion


14)Practical Geometry

Above are the chapter names from Mizoram Class 6 Maths book. All these concepts are explained in a simple manner in the textbook, thus making it easy for students to learn. Also, questions asked in the exams are based directly or indirectly on these topics.

Apart from the class 6 textbook, students can stay tuned with BYJU’S and get more updates about Mizoram Board textbooks and other resources.


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