National Health Policy

National Health Policy is an initiative by the Central Government to strengthen the health system in India. This initiative moulds various... View Article

Crisis of Conscience

Conscience is defined as the moral principles and values that modulate one’s behaviour and decision-making. It starts functioning when a person... View Article

Chilika Lake, Odisha

Chilika Lake in Odisha is the largest brackish water lake with an estuarine character. This salty water lake spreads across the Ganjam, Puri, and... View Article

Delhi Durbar 1911

Also known as the Imperial Durbar, the Delhi Durbar (translates to “the court of Delhi”) was a huge mass assembly organized at the Coronation... View Article


IndARC Observatory is the first Indian underwater moored observatory located in the arctic region. It was deployed in 2014 at Kongsfjorden fjord,... View Article

Social Audit

The social audit process is the act of reviewing the official records of a company or a state. This is done for the purpose of determining... View Article

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Leatherback turtles are the world's biggest turtles, measuring up to seven feet long and weighing over 971 Kgs. These reptiles are the only... View Article

Kyasanur Forest Disease

Kyasanur forest disease or KFD is a viral hemorrhagic fever spread by ticks that is endemic to India's southwestern region. The virus that causes... View Article