HP Board Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus

How much is a student aware about the concepts of chemistry? Do they know about the structure of atoms? Do they find the classification of hydrocarbons or the basic principles of organic chemistry interesting? Would they rather learn about thermodynamics or about states of matter?

All this and more details about the concept of chemistry can be found in the HP Board Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus. The syllabus would cover the topics, subtopics and the various concepts of chemistry very thoroughly.

Significance of HP State Board Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus

  • Get a solid foundation for chemistry for class 12 or higher studies
  • Teachers can advise students to learn from specific book or study material on the basis of syllabus
  • Read up on a topic, so that students find classes more easier to follow
  • Prepare ahead for projects, assignments and classes
  • Self- judge their knowledge gap on a particular topic under chemistry

HP Class 11 Syllabus for Chemistry

Meanwhile, take a peek at some of the major topics that are a part of the HP Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus. The topics are Redox reactions, Equilibrium, Environmental Chemistry, Classification of elements and more.

Find some details of the syllabus, here:

Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus
Unit 1: Some basic concepts of chemistry
Unit 2: Structure of Atom
Unit 3: Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Unit 4: Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Unit 5: States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
Unit 6: Thermodynamics
Unit 7: Equilibrium
Unit 8: Redox Reactions
Unit 9: Hydrogen
Unit 10: S-block Elements
Unit 11: Some P-block Elements
Unit 12: Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques
Unit 13: Classification of Hydrocarbons
Unit 14: Environmental Chemistry

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