Himachal Pradesh Board Class 7 Books

The HPBOSE textbooks are written according to the syllabus and the course outline. The logical and psychological sequence followed in the book helps the students to learn the concepts in an orderly sequence. The textbook provides different worked out examples for better understanding. The exercises given after each chapter helps the students to know about how well they understand the concepts. It encourages the students to study by their own even in the absence of teachers. The textbooks values a lot when it is used properly.

A good textbook should have the following features:

  • Headings
  • Sub – headings
  • Key terms
  • Visuals
  • Caption
  • Typography

The textbook should be written in simple and easily understandable language. The contents provided in the book relates the classroom learning to the real life environment. It provides essential opportunities for the students to motivate themselves to solve the problems. It satisfies the demands of examination. The content presented in the textbook should be more attractive and interesting. The pictures given in the textbook should be clear and easily recognizable. It should meet the needs of students ability, attitude and interest.

Download the Maths and Science textbooks of class 7 by clicking the link below:

Class 7 Mathematics Textbook

Class 7 Science Textbook

Practise This Question

PQR is a right angled prism with other angles as 60 and 30. Refractive index of prism is 1.5. PQ has a thin layer of liquid. Light falls normally on the face PR. For total internal reflection, maximum refractive index of liquid is