Himachal Pradesh Board Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus

The Himachal Pradesh Board of Secondary School Education(HPBOSE) emphasises the maths syllabus should expand the experiences of the students and realise that how mathematics is used in our daily life activities. The mathematics book should not appear dry as the textbook is in a way to attract the students.

Students are expected to evolve their own ideas and definitions. The focus of HPBOSE is not on giving complicated arithmetic and calculations,but to develop the estimation and understanding of mathematics. It provides the opportunity for students to understand the mathematics in an easy way and understand the underlying logical structure of a problem.

The most important aim of mathematics in school level is to develop a positive attitude towards the learning and it helps the students to think logically and critically.

The aims of school mathematics:

  • Ability to reason and communicate mathematically
  • Ability to solve problems (In daily life as well as in mathematical contexts)
  • Ability to manipulate symbols,notations and objects.
  • Capability in appreciating patterns and structures
  • Capability in appreciating beauty and cultural aspect of mathematics.

Click the link below to get class 7 HP Board mathematics syllabus:

Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus


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