Himachal Pradesh Board Class 7 Maths And Science Previous Year Question Papers

Solving the previous year question papers is really helpful for the students because most of the questions are repeated. It helps to increase the speed and accuracy of writing answers during final examination time.

Reasons to solve previous year questions papers:

  • It gives the possible idea about the format of question paper
  • It helps to develop confidence level.
  • Time management
  • It helps to overcome the fear of examination.
  • Helps to identify the key subject area
  • Helps to identify the work out time required for a question.
  • Identifies marking scheme.

Stay tuned with BYJU’S, we are in the process of updating the latest question papers.

By solving previous year question papers, you will come to know about your strength, weakness and your preparation level. Maintain the time frame while practising the paper. Reading and understanding is not enough to score good marks. Practising makes a way to success in examination. Understand what kind of questions usually asked in the examination and the weightage of each chapter.

Once you solve the previous year question papers, you will realise the mistake what you had done and it cut out the silly mistake. When you are solving previous year question papers, just make sure you covered all the topics in the syllabus.

Get the maths and science previous year question papers by clicking the link below:

Previous Year Mathematics Question paper
Previous Year Science Question paper


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