The HPBOSE class 7 science syllabus enables students to examine everyday experiences,

acquire methods and process that will develop the thinking process, curiosity and creativity. Science education helps students to understand the need for change and progress of the society.Science education is one of the most important subjects in schools because its relevance to students’ lives. It helps to develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills. It helps to connect with nature.

Science education in school level aims for the following:

  • Relates to the everyday experience of children
  • Observation
  • Hypothesis measurements

The Present Science Curriculum follows a disciplinary approach and it has been presented as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Some of the domains involved in all three branches of science are:

  • Concept Domain – Includes facts, principles, theories, hypotheses etc.
  • Process Domain – Observation, Interpretation, Prediction etc
  • Creativity Domain – Solving problems, Visualising and producing mental images etc
  • Attitude Domain – Positive attitude towards science
  • Application Domain – Application of science concepts in everyday life
  • Worldview Domain – Interaction among various fields like philosophy, sociology etc.

Click below to get the class 7 Science Syllabus:

Class 7 Science Syllabus


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