HP Board Class 9 - Mathematics and Science Question Paper

Examination are the nightmares to many. To overcome examination fear, either student has to burn the midnight oil or he/she can study smartly. A full-fledged study plan from day 1 of class 9 will surely help students to excel in examination. After studying study materials, referring to previous year question papers are well recommended by academicians.

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Question papers depict the examination pattern clearly. Especially when the subjects are Mathematics and Science, a class 9 student will face difficulty in completing thorough study. Here previous year question paper will come to a greater help in understanding-

  1. Thrust areas of Science and Mathematics.
  2. Types of problems asked:
    1. Objective/subjective.
    2. Calculation based/ conceptual.
    3. Lengthy/ short problems.
  3. Level of problems asked:
    1. beginner/intermediate/advanced
  4. Distribution of marks
  5. Time management in examination.
  6. Area where he/she is lacking and need more practice. etc.

HP Board class 9 examinations are supervised by the Himachal Pradesh Board Of Secondary Education in short HPBOSE. The question papers are set locally by the committee of subject experts and examination results will be announced within a month after examinations.

Click the link below to get HP Board class Class 9 Mathematics and Science question papers:

HP Board class Class 9 Mathematics question paper
HP Board class Class 9 Science question paper


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