What are the river basins in India?

There are 12 major river basins with a catchment area of 20000 km2 and above. They are

  • Brahmaputra River Basin
  • Cauvery River Basin
  • Godavari River Basin
  • Indus River Basin
  • Krishna River Basin
  • Mahanadi River Basin
  • Mandovizuari River Basin
  • Narmada River Basin
  • Pamba River Basin
  • Tapi River Basin
  • Narmada River Basin
  • Mahi

The major river basin is the Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna, which is the largest with a catchment area of about 11.0 lakh km2 (more than 43% of the catchment area of all the major rivers in the country).

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