What are the stages of the nitrogen cycle?

The nitrogen cycle is the biogeochemical cycle. The stages of the nitrogen cycle are given below:

  • Nitrogen fixation: The process of conversion of nitrogen (N2 ) to ammonia is termed nitrogen fixation. Normally, bacteria change nitrogen into ammonium.
  • Nitrification: Ammonia is first oxidised to nitrite by the bacteria Nitrosomonas and/or Nitrococcus. The nitrite is further oxidised to nitrate with the help of the bacterium Nitrobacter. These steps are called nitrification.
  • Assimilation: Plants absorb nitrates from the soil into their roots. Then nitrogen gets used in chlorophyll, nucleic acids, and amino acids.
  • Ammonification: When a plant or animal expires, decomposers such that bacteria and fungi turn the nitrogen back into ammonium.
  • De-nitrification:It is the microbial process of reducing nitrate and nitrite to gaseous forms of nitrogen, principally nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitrogen (N2).

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