What is the Foreign Contribution Regulation Amendment Act 2020?

Foreign Contribution Regulation Amendment Act 2020 amends certain provisions of Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010. The act aims at keeping a check on foreigners influencing the Indian electoral politics, journalists, public servants etc. for wrong purposes or activities detrimental to the public interest. Here is a brief introduction to the provisions of the FCRA 2010:

  • A provision was made for the cancellation of registrations of NGOs if the Home Ministry believes that the organisation is political and not neutral.
  • The registration certificate granted to the NGOs under the 2010 act came with five-year validity.
  • A provision was inserted stating that the assets of the person who has become a defunct need to be disposed of in a manner stated by the government.
  • A separate account needs to be maintained by the organisations to deposit the Foreign Contributions received and no other funds except for Foreign Contributions shall be deposited in that account.
  • Every bank would be obligated to report to the prescribed authority, the amount of foreign remittances received and other related details such as the source, manner of receipt etc.

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