Bihar Board Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus | Get the Class 7 गणित Syllabus for Free

The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) formulated the syllabus to provide a sound knowledge on mathematics. The BSEB Maths curriculum helps the students to understand the present needs and it helps to develop the ideas and it makes them think in different points of view. 

Learning Mathematics is something interesting and challenging. Everyone has a different view in learning Maths. We are surrounded with calculations. Solving those calculations trains our thinking capacity. Mathematics is so important in our life, because everything around us is closely related to Mathematics. It is a part of our universe.

To get a brief overview of Bihar Board Class 7 Maths Syllabus, keep reading the article below.

BSEB Class 7 Maths Syllabus In Detail

Mathematics trains our minds to think logically. It encourages people to take decisions and challenges the mind to think systematically and critically. The reasoning skills involved in Mathematics increase the intellectual development of the student. The Mathematics syllabus for Class 7 involves some concepts like integers, measurement, geometry, algebra etc.

Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus for Bihar Board is provided here. Click here to get the syllabus.

Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus 

  1. Algebraic Expressions
  2. Comparing Quantities
  3. Congruence Of Triangles
  4. Data Handling
  5. Exponents And Powers
  6. Fractions And Decimals
  7. Integers
  8. Lines And Angles
  9. Perimeter And Area
  10. Practical Geometry
  11. Rational Numbers
  12. Simple Equations
  13. Symmetry
  14. The Triangle And Its Properties
  15. Vedic Mathematics
  16. Visualising Solid Shapes


The main aims of the BSEB board is that every student should have the following skills:

  • Development of a positive attitude towards mathematics.
  • Proficient in basic fundamental concepts
  • Confident in making decisions
  • Efficient to work with mathematical concepts.

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