Bihar Board Class 7 Science Syllabus

The BSEB Class 7 Science syllabus, aims for the student to increase their creativity and thinking process. Early Science education is necessary for all the students. Science Education enables students to:

  • Explore materials and objects
  • Raise questions like why? What? where? etc
  • Identifying patterns
  • Share and discuss ideas
  • Describe, compare and classify the things

Science is more than information. It is a process of finding out something related in our life.Science means obtaining knowledge. The most important thing in learning Science is visualisation. Whatever, you are learning in Science put those abstract information into a picture. It helps you a lot in understanding the concepts. If you want to learn Science faster, you have to train your mind. Close towards nature. It teaches you everything about Science. Science is mainly based on:

  • Observation
  • Hypotheses
  • Prediction
  • Experiment

The different branches involved in Class 7 Science syllabus are

  • Physics – Study of energy like heat, light etc
  • Chemistry – Study of materials and substances
  • Biology – Study of plants and animals

Click the link below to get the Class 7 Science syllabus

Class 7 Science Syllabus


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