IG Full Form

What is the full form of IG?

The full form of the IG is Inspector-General of Police. IG is a senior police officer in the police department or the police service in many countries. Usually, the rank corresponds to a large regional command inside a police service and resembles many nations to the primary representative of the entire national police. When an IPS officer completes nineteen years of service, he is qualified to become an IG of the Police.

  • The State Civil Services Test, also pointed to as the Group I test carried out by the State Public Service Commission (SPSC), can be composed in many other instances, earning a good grade in it and entering ‘his home state as a DSP.’
  • The IG, who has been nominated by the President subject to Senate confirmation, responds to the Attorney General.
  • Within the FCC’s programs or operations, the Office of Inspector General reviews allegations or reports of wrongdoing or incompetence by contractors or workers.
  • The DGP is the most senior officer in the whole police department who commands the state police force.
  • An IGP is one of the senior police officers who would eventually become an ADGP and, ultimately, a DGP on posting.


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