JSON Full Form

What is the Full form of JSON?

The full form of JSON is JavaScript Object Notation. It is a text-based open standard data interchange setup and only provides a data encoding specification. It is derived from a subset of the JavaScript programming language.

Compared with XML, structuring the data is simpler, also allows data structures such as array & objects and quickly executed JSON files on the network.

It is also a JavaScript-derived Language-Independent software. For the JSON, the official media sort is application / JSON and to save extension .json file. JSON was initially developed in the early 2000s by Douglas Crockford, first standardized in 2013 after JSON’s new version was released in 2007.

Features of JSON

  • JSON is easily readable and quick to compose.
  • It’s an interchange format that is based on text. Users can save any details they need in a variety of audio, video and images.
  • It is a text-based format. In comparison with other text-based data structures, it is much smoother.
  • It is lightweight, and almost every language & OS supports it. It has a massive spectrum for client support.

Benefits of JSON

  • JSON stores the data in an array, so it’s easier to move data, and JSON is the best way to exchange data of any type, including audio, video, and so on.
  • The syntax is highly user-friendly. The language is skinny and compact-weighted; hence it is more easily executed and reacting.
  • JSON has a wide variety of browser support compatibility with the software systems; making it accessible with all browsers doesn’t require much effort.
  • On the server-side parsing is the most crucial component that programmers want, if the server-side parsing is efficient, then the consumer will get the quick answer. In this situation, JSON server-side parsing is the strong point of comparison to others.

Limitations of JSON

  • The biggest drawback for JSON is that there is no error management in JSON, if there is a small mistake in the JSON script, then the data structure will not be processed.
  • If people use JSON with any unauthorized browsers, JSON is very risky.
  • JSON has restricted support tools that people can use during the development of JSON.


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