HP Board Class 9 - Revised Science syllabus

HP Board class 9 Science syllabus is prescribed by the Himachal Pradesh Board Of School Education popularly known as HPBOSE. This state agency was established during the year 1969 and it endeavours in promoting and developing primary and secondary education in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

The science syllabus for the Class 9 HP Board is designed and revised persistently over time by the board of subject professionals. The board corried extensive research before choosing the topics for class 9. The concepts picked here will help students in digesting the topics taught during their higher standards. The committee is also sensitive about the intellectual learning potential of students.

HPBOSE adopted practical sessions in science. This additional element reflected in a better understanding of concepts.

Download HPBOSE Class 9 Science Reduced Syllabus 2020-21 PDF

HPBOSE Class 9 Science Deleted Syllabus 2020-21

Unit/ Topic Topics/ Chapters Deleted
Unit-I : Matter-Nature and Behaviour Chapter-I: Matter in our surrounding and Behaviour 

Topics: Definition of matter, solid, liquid and gas, can matter change its state (Sub Topics 1 .1 to 1.4) Page 1-8 

Chapter-Il: (ls matter around us Pure) Separating the components of mixture (2.3) Page 19-23 

Unit-II: Organisation in the living world Chapter-VI: (Tissue) 

Plant Tissue (6.2) Page 69-73 

Unit-Ill: Motion, Force and work  Chapter- X (Gravitation), Thrust and Pressure (10.5). Buoyancy, Archimedes Principle (10.6), Relative Density (10.7) Page 138-142

Chapter-XII (Sound), Propagation of sound (12.2) Page 161-168, Reflection of sound (12.3), Application of ultrasound (12.5), Structure of Human Ear (12.6) Page 170-172 

Unit- IV Our Environment and Food Production Chapter-XIV(Natural Resources), The breath of Life: Air (14.1) Page No. 189-192 

Water-a wonder liquid (14.2) Page No. 193-194, Mineral Rich in soil (14.3) Biogeochemical cycles (14.4) Page No. 195-199, 

Chapter-XV (Improvement in Food Resources), Improvement in crop yields (15.1) (203-208)

Follow the link below to get the revised edition of the Himachal Pradesh Board Class 9 Science Syllabus:

HP Board Class 9 Science Syllabus

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