HP Board Class 9 - Revised Mathematics and Science Syllabus (2018-19)

Syllabus is the tools to for planning curriculum. Having full fledged syllabus brings down the effort to develop a study plan to its half. A well developed syllabus aids students as well as teachers in organising and executing their teaching learning process.

Himachal Pradesh state board Class 9 Syllabus is prescribed by the Himachal Pradesh Board Of Secondary Education,in short HPBOSE. The board was established during the year 1969 to develop, promote and regulate primary and secondary education within the territory of the state of Himachal Pradesh. This autonomous body strives hard for all round development of students.

HPBOSE comprises of panel of well experienced subject matter experts, who develop syllabus for class 9 students according to their psychological adoption levels without compromising the quality. Topics are chosen in a way that forms a basis of learning process for all upcoming major standards.

A typical syllabus for any subject comprises of diverse topics grouped into chapters. These chapters are arranged in a sequential manner. Other than these information syllabus also speaks about number of teaching hours for each chapter, assignments, activities etc.

Click the link below to download Mathematics and Science syllabus for Class 9 under HP Board:

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