What is an example of an administrative tribunal?

The examples of an Administrative Tribunal are as follows:

Election Commission (EC) 

  • The Election Commission is a tribunal for adjudication of matters pertaining to the allotment of election symbols to parties and similar other problems. 
  • The decision of the commission can be challenged in the Supreme Court. 

Industrial Tribunal 

  • This Tribunal has been set up under the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. 
  • It can be constituted by both the Central as well as State governments. 
  • The Tribunal looks into the dispute between the employers and the workers in matters relating to wages, the period and mode of payment, compensation and other allowances, hours of work, gratuity, retrenchment and closure of the establishment. 
  • The appeals against the decision of the Tribunal lie with the Supreme Court.

Railway Rates Tribunal

  • This Tribunal was set up under the Indian Railways Act, 1989. 
  • It adjudicates matters pertaining to the complaints against the railway administration.
  • These may be related to the discriminatory or unreasonable rates, unfair charges or preferential treatment meted out by the railway administration. 
  • The appeal against the order of the Tribunal lies with the Supreme Court. 

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