What is the evidence of continental drift theory?

The following are the evidence of continental drift theory:

  • The Matching of Continents: The shorelines of Africa and South America facing each other have a remarkable and unmistakable match.
  • Rocks of Same Age Across the Oceans: The belt of ancient rocks of 2,000 million years from Brazil coast matches with those from western Africa. 
  • Tillite: The Gondwana system of sediments from India is known to have its counterparts in six different landmasses of the Southern Hemisphere. Counterparts of this succession are found in Africa, Falkland Island, Madagascar, Antarctica and Australia besides India.
  • Placer Deposits: Rich placer deposits of gold in the Ghana coast. But there is no source rock in the region. The gold-bearing veins are in Brazil and it is obvious that the gold deposits of Ghana are derived from the Brazil plateau when the two continents lay side by side
  • Distribution of Fossils: Identical species of plants and animals adapted to living on land or in freshwater are found on either side of the marine barriers.

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