Why do we need to encourage watershed management?

A watershed is an area of land and water bounded by a drainage divide within which the surface runoff collects and flows out of the watershed through a single outlet into a lager river ( or ) lake. Watershed management hasto be encouraged:

  • To control damaging runoff and degradation and thereby conservation of soil and water.
  • To manage and utilize the runoff water for useful purpose.
  • To protect, conserve and improve the land of watershed for more efficient and
  • sustained production.
  • To protect and enhance the water resource originating in the watershed.
  • To check soil erosion and to reduce the effect of sediment yield on the watershed.
  • To rehabilitate the deteriorating lands.
  • To moderate the floods peaks at down stream areas.
  • To increase infiltration of rainwater.
  • To improve and increase the production of timbers, fodder and wild life resource.
  • To enhance the ground water recharge, wherever applicable.

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