JAC Class 11 Biology Syllabus

To get complete information for the Intermediate I Year Jharkhand board Biology, do take a look at the JAC Class 11 Biology Syllabus. The syllabus will focus on various concepts under Botany and Zoology, not just elaborating on class 10 science but also covering basic topics that would lay the foundation for class 12 Biology.

A Biology student would obviously be enthralled by the physiology of the human beings and the living world in general. Keeping this in mind the Jharkhand Board Class XI Syllabus for Biology chiefly focus on topics like biodiversity, five kingdom classification, salient features and classification of animals or so. Topics like human and plant physiology are also stressed upon in  Class 11 Biology syllabus.

JAC Class XI Syllabus for Biology

A student of Jharkhand Board Class XI who have taken up Science will find JAC Class XI Syllabus useful. They will also find the JAC Class 11 Biology syllabus very crucial. Get a glance of the JAC Class XI biology topics below:

Unit 1- The Living World
Unit 2-  Biological Classification
Unit 3- Plant Kingdom
Unit 4- Animal Kingdom
Unit 5- Morphology of Flowering Plants
Unit 6-  Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Unit 7- Structural Organization in Animals
Unit 8- Cell:The Unit of Life
Unit 9- Biomolecules
Unit 10- Cell Cycles and Cell Division
Unit 11- Transport in Plants
Unit 12- Mineral Nutrition
Unit 13- Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Unit 14- Respiration in Plants
Unit 15- Plant Growth and Development
Unit 16- Digestion and Absorption
Unit 17-  Breathing and Exchange of Gases
Unit 18- Body Fluids and Circulation
Unit 19- Excretory Products and their Elimination
Unit 20- Locomotion and Movement
Unit 21- Neural Controls and Coordination
Unit 22- Chemical Coordination and Integration

After the syllabus, the textbooks and question papers are also equally important for a Class XI student. To find resources for JAC Class XI come to BYJU’s.

Practise This Question

Based on the assertion [A] and reason [R] given, choose the correct option. 
Assertion [A]: Lysosomes help in photosynthesis.
[R]: Lysosomes have digestive enzyme.