JAC Class 11 Math Syllabus

JAC Class 11 Math Syllabus is an important subject for students who wish to pursue engineering and other streams of higher education where maths play a role. The class 11 Syllabus also keep this in mind and hence the focus is on building a strong foundation for the students in maths with the JAC Intermediate first year syllabus. The topics taught during class 11 Math lessons for the academic year include sets and functions, algebra, coordinate geometry and calculus so on. These topics are the basis for many of the competitive exams and even class 12 delves into them with more depth.  For class 11 syllabus, all these concepts are put together with some adaptive questions also given at the end, based on the syllabus.

This is just a gist of what is covered in the subject. You download the syllabus below:

Download the JAC Class 11 Math Syllabus pdf

And to find details of the topics covered in the subject check below:

JAC Class 11 Math Syllabus

Unit 1 – Sets and Functions

1. Sets

2. Relations and Functions

3. Trigonometric Functions   

Unit 2 – Algebra

  1. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
  2. Linear Inequalities
  3. Permutations and Combinations
  4. Binomial Theorem and Mathematical Induction
  5. Sequence and Series
Unit 3- Coordinate Geometry

  1. Straight lines
  2. Conic Sections
  3. Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
Unit 4- Calculus

  1. Limits and Derivatives
Unit 5- Mathematical Reasoning

  1. Mathematical Reasoning
Unit 6- Statistics and Probability

  1. Statistics
  2. Probability

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