JAC Class 11 Physics Syllabus

JAC Class 11 Physics Syllabus finds its foundation in the Physics textbooks created by NCERT. The syllabus gives an all-comprehensive overview of the subject, course and academic year to the students. In class 11, students will be asked to go deeper into some of the concepts taught in class 10, and they will also have to do new topics under physics, which will lay the foundation for engineering and medical entrance exams and class 12, as well.

Meanwhile, it is essential to know the JAC Class 11 Physics Syllabus, as this tells the students not just details like concepts and topics covered but the sessions and time allotted for a topic, grading system, question pattern and so. Some of the concepts coming under physics include the units and measurement, motion in a plane, kinetic theory, thermodynamics and more.

Functions of JAC Intermediate First Year Physics Syllabus

The physics syllabus is created in such a way with the concepts under each topic explained giving an overview to the students as to what lessons will be taken. Students get to learn about physics, its impact, uses and scope or so.

  • Understand the syllabus and self-study after assessing the knowledge gap
  • Know about what will be taken in a class during the academic year
  • See the time and sessions allotted for a topic (makes it easier to know where to focus more)
  • Study ahead for a class by reading up on the topic
  • Know what is expected from a student, assignments, projects or practicals due
  • Get an idea about the question pattern

JAC Class XI Syllabus for Physics

Unit 1 – Physical World
Unit 2- Units and Measurement
Unit 3- Motion in a straight line
Unit 4- Motion in a plane
Unit 5- Laws of Motion
Unit 6- Work, Energy and Power
Unit 7- System of Particles and Rotational Motion
Unit 8- Gravitation
Unit 9- Mechanical Properties of Solids
Unit 10- Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Unit 11- Thermal Properties of Matter
Unit 12- Thermodynamics
Unit 13- Kinetic Theory
Unit 14- Oscillations
Unit 15- Waves 

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A system X is neither in thermal equilibrium with Y, nor with Z. The systems Y and Z -