Jharkhand Board Class 4 Environmental Science Syllabus

Class 4 students are at an age where they do not understand the seriousness of studies, so getting them engaged in a subject can be difficult. So, for this case the Jharkhand Board Class 4 Environmental Science Syllabus is designed in such a way so as to attract the interest of students of even tender age. The focus for this syllabus will be on both environmental as well as social science concepts. Students can access the PDF link for the Environmental Studies syllabus of class 4 Jharkhand Board from below:

Download Jharkhand Board Class 4 Environmental Science Syllabus PDF

This syllabus will give an overview of the various concepts and topics that are taught in class. Some of the topics to be taught include Family and Friends, Food, Sheter, Water, Travel and so on. Students can also find the list of concepts and topics of the subject from the table here:

1. Family and Friends

1.1 Relationships

1.2 Work and Play

1.3 Animals

1.4 Plants

2. Food

How do we get our food?

Special Occasions

Tongue and Teeth

Teeth, beaks and claws

3. Shelter

Houses, then and now


Where animals live

When birds make nest

Mapping our neighbourhood

4. Water

Water fit for drinking

Water sources

Our river/sea

Water vanishes when heated?

5. Travel

Animals for transport

Paying for travel

Travel to another place

6. Things We Make And Do

Building materials and tools

After being thorough with the syllabus, students can plan their studies with proper weightage given to those areas of the subject, where they lack in. For this, BYJU’S provide free study materials like JAC textbooks for the students.


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