Jharkhand Board Class 5 Environmental Science Syllabus

Students of Class 5 can get a strong foundation in the subject EVS, with equal focus on the social and Environmental Science. Keeping this in mind, students can see that the main topics taught in class 5 EVS of Jharkhand Board are Family and Friends, Relationships, Food, Animals, Plants, Shelter, Water and so on.

The EVS Syllabus will give an idea about the main topics that are discussed in class. The syllabus is designed in such a way so as to develop a sense of ethical values amongst young learners.

Download Jharkhand Board Class 5 Environmental Science Syllabus PDF

Students will also find the list of topics and concepts taught in class for the subject from the table below:

1. Family and Friends

1.1 Relationships

1.2 Work and Play

1.3 Animals

1.4 Plants

2. Food

When food gets spoilt

Who produces the food we eat?

What did people grow earlier?

When people do not get food

Our mouth – tastes and even digests food!

Food for plants?

3. Shelter

Why different houses

A shelter for everyone?

Ants live in colonies?

Times of emergency

4. Water

Water from where in earlier times?

Water flow

Plants and animals in water

What floats, sinks or mixes?

Mosquitoes and malaria

5. Travel

Petrol or diesel

Rough and tough

Ride on a spacecraft

Oldest buildings

6. Things we Make and Do

Growing Food

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