JAC Class 6 Science Syllabus 2021-22

Jharkhand Board design the syllabus for all the students studying in the affiliated schools. JAC Class 6 Science Syllabus covers all the important topics related to today’s technology that will help students to make a career in the science field ahead. Also, it introduces various new concepts to the students. It also includes activities so that they get a hands on experience of Science practicals.

Jharkhand Board Class 6 Science Syllabus is available here for you in PDF. Click on the link below to download the PDF file of JAC Class 6 syllabus for science:

Download Jharkhand Board Class 6 Science Syllabus 2021-22 PDF

The main topics taught in class 6 Science include Food, Materials, The World of the Living, Moving Things, People and Ideas, How Things Work, Natural Phenomena, Natural Resources and so on.

See the main list of topics and concepts taught as per the Science syllabus of Jharkhand Board Class 6:

1. Food

Sources of food

Components of food

Cleaning food

 2. Materials

Materials of daily use

Different kind of materials

How things change/react with one another

3. The World of the Living

Things around us

The habitat of the living

Plants-form and function

Animals-form and function

 4. Moving Things, People and Ideas


5. How Things Work

Electric current and circuits

6. Natural Phenomena

Rain, Thunder and Lightning


7. Natural Resources

Importance of Water

Importance of Air


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