JAC Class 7 Science Syllabus 2021-22

JAC Class 7 Science Syllabus is prescribed by Jharkhand Board. The syllabus is designed to make students understand the concepts of Science that they have to learn in class 7. In this article, we will provide Science syllabus for Class 7 students of Jharkhand Board.

For the ease of students, we are providing Jharkhand Board Class 7 Science syllabus in PDF format. Download the PDF and save it for future reference. Click on the link below to download JAC Class 7 Science syllabus.

Download Jharkhand Board Class 7 Science Syllabus 2021-22 PDF

Jharkhand Board Class 7th Science syllabus is prescribed by Jharkhand Academic Council or JAC. Almost all the schools, which are governed by Jharkhand Board, follow the same syllabus for Class 7th and every other Class. The question papers of Science subject for final exams are prepared based upon this syllabus.

Some main concepts taught in the Science class of Jharkhand Board Class 7 includes food, materials, the world of the living, moving things, people and ideas and so on. Find the list of concepts and topics of the class 7 syllabus for science from the table given:

1. Food

Food from where

Utilisation of food

 2. Materials

Materials of daily use

Different kinds of materials

How things change/react with one another

  3. The World of the Living

Surroundings affect the living

The breath of life

Movement of substances

Multiplication in plants

 4. Moving Things, People and Ideas

Moving Objects

 5. How Things Work

Electric current and circuits

 6. Natural Phenomena

Rain, thunder and lightning


7. Natural Resources

Scarcity of water

Forest products

Waste Management

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