JAC Class 8 Maths Syllabus 2021-22

Jharkhand Board Class 8 Maths syllabus is framed in a constructive manner by providing the easier topics on the top and the difficult one at the bottom. It helps the students to get a clear idea of the course content. The knowledge they will gain throughout the course will serve as a base for the higher studies. They can also solve the JAC 8th model question paper for more practice. 

The JAC Class 8 Maths Syllabus helps the students to analyse what they need to study and what are the chapters they need to focus more. It also helps in time management by dividing the time according to the need. Mathematics is an interesting and engaging subject to learn, which in the future will help students to solve daily life problems.

Download Jharkhand Board Class 8 Maths Syllabus 2021-22 PDF

Class 8 Maths syllabus will also give you an idea about the exam pattern, marks distribution on each topic, etc. Learning or studying mathematics develops our reasoning, generates practicality.

A good constructive syllabus helps students as well as teachers to prepare and organize each topic accurately. It helps the students to get a clear idea of the course content.

From the table below, students can get the detailed Maths syllabus for Class 8:

  • Number Systems
  1. Rational Numbers
  2. Powers
  3. Square, Square Roots, Cubes, Cube Roots
  4. Playing with Numbers
   2. Algebra

 I. Algebraic Expressions

  3. Ratio and Proportion
  4. Geometry

    I. Understanding Shapes

    II. Representing 3-D in 2-D

    III. Constructions

 5. Mensuration
 6. Data Handling
 7. Introduction to graphs

The reasons why should we study mathematics in Class 8 standard.

  • Makes the student smarter
  • Maths develop critical and logical thinking
  • Math helps develop analytical thinking
  • Maths develop the ability to think
  • Knowledge of Mathematics is useful in the study of other subjects

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