Geography - Natural Resources

The two main types of natural resources are renewable resources and non-renewable resources. This article will briefly throw light on natural resources.

Natural Resources – Benefit

  • Any natural substance that humans use can be considered a natural resource.
  • The different natural resources are metals, minerals, oil, coal, natural gas, soil, water, air, sunlight, animals, birds, plants, and trees are all considered as natural resources.
  • The above-mentioned natural resources can be further divided into renewable and non-renewable resources.
  • Resources are extremely important for the growth of a country.
  • Without resources, a country can never grow. Natural resources and human resources are the most important resources.
  • Natural resources can be utilized only if there is a healthy and well-educated human resource.
  • When there are natural resources and technology to develop them, a nation can develop industries, generate jobs, manufacture goods, carry out trade with other countries, and increase the living standards and income levels of the people of a nation.

Renewable Resources

  • Renewable resources will not get depleted through usage.
  • Examples are tidal energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, etc.
  • Water is a very important renewable resource. Water is a renewable resource because it gets replenished due to the hydrological cycle.

Non-Renewable Resources

  • Non-renewable sources of energy are those resources which will get exhausted after their usage for a certain period of time.
  • Examples are coal, petroleum, natural gas, minerals like iron, copper, manganese etc.
  • It takes millions of years for the formation of coal, natural gas, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How many types of natural resources are there in geography?

In geography, there are two types of natural resources, they are renewable resources and non-renewable resources.

What are natural resources?

Natural resources are those resources which are naturally available in the nature. Natural resources are those resources that are used to support life and meet people’s needs.

What are the 5 most common natural resources?

Some of the most commonly used natural resources are coal, natural gas, oil, water, and forests.

What are the 3 main types of resources?

The 3 main types of resources are land, labour, and capital.

What is the best natural resource?

All the natural resources are equally important for sustaining human life on planet earth.