CUB Full Form

What is the full form of CUB?

The full form of CUB is the City Union Bank Limited. CUB is an Indian bank and its headquarter is located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. At first, the bank was titled Kumbakonam Bank Limited, and on 31 October 1904, it was established.

In the Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu, the bank favoured the function of a regional bank. CUB offers a variety of technical services, like net and mobile banking, kiosks for self-service, acceptors of bulk notes, and sales points.

A brief history of CUB

  • The City Union Bank Limited was initially incorporated on 31 October 1904 as a limited company under the name Kumbakonam Bank.
  • A regional function was favoured by the bank and in the early phases, it followed an agency model.
  • In 1930, the very first branch was established.
  • The bank’s title was changed to City Union Bank in 1987.

Services offered by CUB

Few services offered by CUB are listed below.

  • Passbook printing kiosk
  • Chatbot facility
  • ASBA facility for IPO subscription
  • CUB QR facility
  • CUB debit card
  • Cheque clearing Kiosk
  • CUB gift card
  • CUB credit card facility
  • CUB POS machine facility
  • Internet and mobile banking, self-service banking, corporate banking,
  • CUB travelling card facility
  • CUB virtual credit card facility and so on.


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