IFFCO Full Form

What is the Full Form of IFFCO?

The full form of IFFCO is Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited. It is one of the most prominent cooperative multi-state societies globally, entirely operated by Indian Cooperatives. It began with only 57 cooperatives in 1967 and is currently an integration of approximately 35,000 Indian cooperatives carrying over 50 million Indian farmers with a wide variety of business interests, including insurance products, rural telecommunications, its core fertilizer production and sales sector.

The Main Goal of the IFFCO

The main intentions of the IFFCO are listed below.

  • To increase farmers ‘ income via the improvement of crop productivity.
  • To maintain the physical state of the community and to make things useful.
  • The economically significant and well-established building of cooperative societies.
  • To encourage rural India by providing farmers with skilled quality service and developing their agricultural practices.

Vision of IFFCO

IFFCO’s purpose is to enable and accredit Indian farmers to grow and flourish by providing sufficient, reliable and excellent agricultural information and services in a reasonable time and to run services to improve quality of life.


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