What is the composition of Khadi and Village Industries Commission?

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission consists of the following:-

  1. six non-official members having specialized knowledge and experience of khadi and village industries and representing six geographical zones of the country, as may be prescribed;
  2. two non-official members having expert knowledge and experience in one or more of the following disciplines, namely:- Economics, Planning, Rural Development, Science and Technology or Technical Education and Training;
  3. one Financial Adviser, who shall also be the Chief Accounts Officer of the Commission, ex-officio and
  4. The Chief Executive Officer, ex-officio;

Provided that the ex-officio members shall not have the right to vote in any of the matters discussed at a meeting of the Commission.

The Central Government may appoint one of the members appointed under clause (1) above to be the Chairman, who shall be a full-time member.

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