Jharkhand Board Class 5 Maths Syllabus

Class 5 is the age when students can get a good foundation of the subject. For this, they will have to understand the subject thoroughly and learn it very well. Jharkhand Board Class 5 Maths Syllabus gives an idea about the actual weightage to be given to a particular topic by the students, when they study. They also try to inculcate interesting exercises so that for the students the conceptual learning of math would continue beyond the classes.

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Some of the main topics discussed in this subject includes Geometry, Numbers, Fractional Numbers, Money, Measurement, Patterns and so on. Students can also find the list of topics covered in the class 5 maths from the table given below:


Shapes and Spatial Understanding

3-D and 2-D shapes

2. Numbers

Numbers and Operations

Mental Arithmetic

Fractional Numbers

3. Geometry

Shapes and Spatial Understanding

4. Money


5. Measurements





6. Data Handling

7. Patterns

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