Trees Our Best Friend Essay

Trees are our best friends. They provide us with oxygen, benefit our health and well-being, and offer countless benefits to the world. They need our help since trees are essential in combating climate change and increasing pollution. There are many ways to protect trees, which is essential to maintain the planet’s biodiversity. Trees our best friend essay is an important topic for kids to understand how they are beneficial for us and the need to conserve them.

Trees are responsible for absorbing vast amounts of carbon dioxide. They also clean the air and provide oxygen for living beings. Trees help prevent soil erosion, act as a natural flood barrier, reduce drought risk and control pests, like insects that destroy crops. Besides, they help to provide clean drinking water and air. They also act as a buffer against strong wind. Furthermore, trees provide food, shelter, fuel, medicines, and so much more.

Importance of Trees

For thousands of years, trees have been the best friends of people. They provide us with many essential things, and they are a beautiful part of the environment. We need trees because they purify the air we breathe and provide food, shelter, and oxygen to birds, animals and humans. Trees also contribute to better soil quality and control erosion and flooding.

Without trees, our world would be a barren wasteland. Trees also help to prevent air pollution and global warming. To save the environment and protect the Earth from climate change, planting more trees is crucial – at least five trees for every person on the planet. Furthermore, trees form a living web that connects species from around the world.

Exploitation of Trees

The world is running out of trees. It is important to understand that trees provide a range of economic, social and environmental benefits. Moreover, they provide shelter from the hot sun, make the air cool in the summer, and protect the soil from erosion and weathering. Trees also reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by absorbing carbon.

All the trees in a forest are a shared resource. If too many trees are cut down, some species will go extinct, and others will no longer survive. When that happens, the entire ecosystem goes out of balance. This can affect humans by making it more difficult to get clean air to breathe, kindling fires, and wood building our homes.

Many commercially valuable tree species are threatened with extinction due to excessive exploitation. In Africa, for example, the clearing of forests for timber and charcoal is having a devastating impact on wildlife and local communities.

Deforestation affects the environment and living organisms in many ways. Loss of trees can lead to problems like desertification, climate change and global warming, soil erosion, flooding, wildlife extinction and habitat loss, increase in greenhouse gas emission, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Trees Our Best Friend Essay


Why are trees important?

Trees are important because they help to prevent air pollution and global warming, as they absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide. To save the environment from climate change, we should plant more trees. Moreover, they clean the air and provide oxygen for both plants and animals.

What do trees give us?

Trees provide us with many essential things, and they are a beautiful part of the natural environment. Trees provide oxygen, food and shelter to birds, animals and humans. They also provide shade from the hot sun, keep the air cool in the summer, protect the soil from erosion and reduce greenhouse gases.


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