Chromate Formula

The chromate formula is one of the common formulas that is seen often in chemistry. The formula represents the chromate ion which is one of several polyatomic ions used often in the formation of insoluble salts.

As per the definition, chromate is a chromium oxoanion and a divalent inorganic anion which is formed by the removal of two protons in chromic acid. It acts as a strong oxidising agent and is usually a conjugate base of a hydrogenchromate.

Chromate Chemical Formula

The formula of chromate is CrO42-. The chromate ion usually consists of one chromium atom (+6 oxidation state) and four oxide atoms. The overall charge is -2.

Formula CrO42-
Molar Mass 115.994 g mol-1

Chromate Structural Formula

The structural formula of chromate is normally given as;

Chromate Structural Formula

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