Essay on My Favourite Season Summer for Class 1


All seasons have their own importance in keeping the balance of nature. However, the favourite season might differ from person to person. Some people like the winter season. Some others might be fond of the rainy season. Here, we are going to write an essay on My Favourite Season Summer for Class 1 kids.

We all know that seasons are mainly categorized as summer, winter and rainy. Then we also have spring, autumn, etc. as subcategories. There can be multiple reasons why summer is the most loved season for many people. Let’s have a look at the below 10 lines on my favourite season essay for Class 1 to find out why summers are loved by kids. You can also download this essay on my favourite season in a colourful PDF format, through the link for free.

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My Favourite Season Summer Essay

Essay on My Favourite Season Summer for Class 1 Kids

  • Summer is my favourite season.
  • The weather during this season is very hot. May and June are the hottest months of the year. People use coolers, ACs, etc. to keep the surroundings cool.
  • The atmosphere in the evening is ideal for outdoor activities like playing, cycling, etc. as there is an ample amount of brightness.
  • People tend to wear comfortable, light-coloured cotton clothes as cotton is a good absorber of water.
  • Cold drinks, aam panna, jaljeera, chilled fruit juices are consumed to beat the heat.
  • It is the season of many fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon, musk melon, mango, litchi, cucumber, tomatoes, bottle gourd, etc.
  • The reason why I love this season so much is that during this season, we get around two months of summer vacations.
  • This is the time to relax with our family members and spend quality time with them without worrying about getting up early for school.
  • On alternate summer vacations, we visit our village and I get to meet my grandparents and cousins there.
  • I play with my friends, eat a lot of ice cream, drink fresh fruit juices and watch cartoons during the summer vacations. Summer season is really the best season of the year.

The above written 10 lines on my favourite season essay will aid kids in getting a clear idea on how to write a simple yet impressive essay on the topic at hand. Seasons are responsible for our moods, to a great extent. When the weather is too cold, elderly face issues like joint pain, allergy, etc. Too much rain can destroy the crops and can even spoil our mood. Good weather naturally uplifts our state of mind.

Summers are the favourite season of the year, especially for kids. They get to enjoy their summer vacations. There is less stress of homework and tests. Kids get have fun with their hobbies and areas of interest. They play their favourite games and watch television. They regularly go to children’s parks and spend a lot of time there. Air Conditioners and coolers are used to keep the surroundings cool. It is advisable to drink more and more water to keep oneself hydrated.

A Short Summer Essay for Class 1

Summers are my favourite time of the year. This is because our examinations would have finished, and our summer vacations would have begun. I usually visit my grandparents’ home. It is the time of year when all my cousins too visit our grandparents. We have a wonderful time and play the entire day on the farms and visit village fairs. My grandparents love us visiting them during the summers.

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